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Ideematec launches 1P tracker solution

03. November 2021

Neusling, Germany, November 3, 2021 – Solar PV tracker manufacturer, IDEEMATEC has added a one-in-portrait (1P) tracking system to offer a complete tracker portfolio.

A successor to IDEEMATEC’s highly successful Horizon safeTrack H4©, the Horizon L:TEC® offers the market’s most advanced zero loss bifacial, tracker solution. Originally designed as a two-in-portrait solution, IDEEMATEC is now offering a one-in-portrait solution in response to customer demand.

Pioneering a range of technologies, including signature decoupled drive technology paired with an innovative new locked sprocket system for maximum stability, the Horizon L:TEC® range is the most reliable tracking system on the market. The new 1P solution allows up to 180 modules, with up to six strings per tracker. Its flexible string configuration allows up to 40 modules per string. It is suited to all module types, including XL modules.

“Thanks to an exceptional research and development team in Germany, IDEEMATEC was able to respond quickly to customer requests and adapt our technology-leading Horizon L:TEC® solar tracker to a 1P solution,” said John Susa, Chief Sales Officer. “IDEEMATEC prides itself on being customer-oriented and our goal is to continue to enhance project feasibility, reliability, and profitability for all stakeholders.”

The Horizon L:TEC® range offers the best lifetime value, with 99.6% uptime, the best system lifetime performance, and delivers the highest additional gains. The safe stow position of the trackers provides unique protection against extreme weather conditions, with the ability to withstand winds of up to 180km per hour. A snow sensor is also available for colder regions.

The drive unit places the table loads directly into the foundations. Only 2.3% of the load from the table is on the drive tube during tracking, the rest is diverted to the post. Once locked, there is no force on the drive tube. This results in a stronger system that is built to last for the long term. This technology allows IDEEMATEC to build the longest trackers on the market, reaching to 195m in length. There are at least 30% fewer parts than the average system, and pre-assembled parts significantly reduce installation time. Less parts also means maintenance cost-savings.

Ideematec trackers are perfectly suited to utility-scale PV projects because they are uniquely designed to adapt to uneven terrain, reducing the need for additional groundwork, again increasing the profitability of the overall system.

Ideematec’s Horizon L:TEC® tracker is now available as either a 1P or a 2P solution and comes with a 15-year system warranty for structural and mechanical components as standard. In addition to the 15-year system warranty, IDEEMATEC warranties the structure against perforation corrosion for a period of 25 years - based upon the project corrosion classification.

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