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Reflecting on 2021 and looking forward to 2022

04. January 2022

2021 was an interesting year. While the global pandemic created many challenges, we at Ideematec were working behind the scenes to fortify our offering for our customers, so that we can all move forward together.

The first part of this was strengthening our organization. On the sales side, we hired John Susa in the role of Chief Sales Officer. In a short time, Ideematec has implemented a new matrix structure for South Europe and LATAM, and established offices in Australia and China for market-specific customer support. Robin Mota, João Paulo Figueiredo, Linda Koschier and Peggy Wang all play a key role in this expansion.

From a sales perspective, Ideematec saw record growth, successfully sold a large number of tracking systems in central Europe and in North America, and entered a number of new markets.

We also established new supply chain hubs in Turkey, China and Saudi Arabia, to further enhance our supply chain efficiency for our international customers.   

On the engineering side, Nathalie Kermelk assumed the role of Vice President of Engineering, and this year alone tripled the size of the engineering and research team.

Other highlights included the announcement of an Agri PV solution - which is based on the Horizon L:TEC® 2P tracker, with adjustments made to cater for the requirements of the land and for the type of agriculture. We expect to see many Agri PV projects in 2022 and into the future.

Product innovation continued with the launch of the new world-class Horizon L:TEC® 1P tracking system to offer the highest safety and performance available for large panels, as requested by our customers. This is complimented by an industry benchmark 15-year warranty as standard on the entire Horizon L:TEC® portfolio, the first offering of its kind. In addition to this, we have developed an automation software for structural calculations to further simplify the commissioning process.

Despite the logistical challenges presented by the Covid-19 crisis, Ideematec successfully delivered 800MW of tracking systems to the world’s largest single-plot power plant in Qatar. Delivering the equipment necessary for the project ahead of schedule required continuous shipments of equipment and materials. Throughout the project, we’ve moved 2,000 containers, transporting 36,477 tons of steel.

Alongside all of this, we developed a new corporate website, and refreshed our branding.

Looking forward to 2022, we have secured a strong pipeline of projects and will continue to build relationships with clients and new prospects, as we leverage our strengthened global network. We’re really excited about the partnership with Eco Engineering, LightEdison, and Source Renewables to develop 100 MW of utility-scale solar in New York.

Ideematec is proud of our long history of innovation, working with customers to develop systems with the exact solutions they need – and we look forward to that continued collaboration into 2022 and beyond.