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Ideematec: Empowering Agrivoltaic Projects with Innovative Solar Tracking Solutions

04. March 2023

Ideematec proudly collaborates with AMDA Energies on a groundbreaking agrivoltaic project in France, maximizing agricultural production while harnessing solar energy. As a leading provider of innovative solar tracking solutions for large-scale projects, including agrivoltaics, Ideematec offers cutting-edge technology that enhances efficiency and sustainability.

Agrivoltaics optimizes land usage while promoting renewable energy generation. By combining agriculture with solar energy production, farmers benefit from increased crop yields and improved farm productivity. Ideematec's solar tracking solutions play a vital role in achieving these objectives.

Ideematec’s 2P Tracker's design includes tables of trackers positioned at a height of 3.5 meters above the ground. This configuration allows for an ample inter-row space, enabling easy access for farm equipment. By providing a vertical orientation, the trackers facilitate unobstructed movement and maintenance of the agricultural land.

Partnering with AMDA Energies in France, we contribute to sustainable solutions that maximize agricultural output and harness solar power. For business inquiries or further information about our innovative solar tracking solutions and agrivoltaic projects, please contact us at