Ideematec Powers Aqaba, Jordan with a 24.3 MWp Solar Park

28. February 2023

Aqaba, Jordan, has achieved a significant renewable energy milestone with the completion of a 24.3 MWp solar park. This project showcases Jordan's commitment to clean energy, providing cost savings and carbon emission reductions. Ideematec played a pivotal role through solar wheeling agreements with Yellow Door Energy.

The solar park harnesses abundant solar resources, generating clean electricity and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Collaboration between Ideematec, GID, and ASEZA was crucial. Yellow Door Energy built, owned, and operated the park, benefiting GID and ASEZA with reduced electricity costs and lower carbon footprints.

Ideematec's advanced solar tracking solutions optimized solar panel positioning, maximizing energy capture throughout the day. The technology adjusts panel angles and orientation, ensuring peak energy output even in challenging weather. This enhances the park's efficiency, enabling clean electricity generation at scale.

The completion of the solar park marks a significant stride towards a sustainable future for Jordan's energy landscape, showcasing the potential of collaboration and innovative technologies.

At Ideematec, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in the completion of this remarkable solar park in Aqaba, Jordan. Our advanced solar tracking solutions, combined with the collaborative efforts of Yellow Door Energy, GID, and ASEZA, have showcased the true potential of clean energy generation. We invite you to witness the impact of this project firsthand by watching the video here Solar Success in Jordan | GID and ASEZA | Yellow Door Energy - YouTube

Together, let us continue to embrace innovation and drive the transition towards a sustainable future powered by renewable energy.