Philipp Klemm, CEO of Ideematec USA, at CleanPower Event in New Orleans

28. May 2023

Ideematec USA's CEO, Philipp Klemm, made a remarkable impact at the CleanPower event in New Orleans. The conference, a gathering of leading professionals in the clean energy sector, aimed to promote collaboration and showcase cutting-edge technologies. Klemm’s keynote address focused on the pivotal role of advanced solar tracking systems in optimizing energy generation from photovoltaic (PV) trackers.

Klemm highlighted Ideematec's innovative trackers, which employ thei patented Decoupled Drive Technology to enhance energy capture. These Next Generation Soolar Tracking maximize exposure to sunlight, resulting in higher energy yields and increased profitability for solar power plants.

By participating in CleanPower, Klemm solidified Ideematec's position as a leading provider of Solar Trackers within the solar industry. The company's commitment to innovation and forward-thinking approaches has cemented its role in shaping the future of renewable energy.

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