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Many solar trackers are vulnerable to system failures in harsh environments. Ideematec has the innovative, straight-forward and affordable solutions you need for your next tracker project. We can help you succeed with our innovative tracker technology that makes use of leading technology to ensure the lowest possible total cost of ownership.
Proven tracker innovation and customer-centric solutions that offer the best lifetime value – in all environments.
The new benchmark for solar tracking

Horizon L:TEC ®

The successor to Ideematec’s popular Horizon H4 tracker, IDEEMATEC offers the market’s most advanced zero loss bifacial, two-in-portrait tracker solution. Horizon L:TEC® pairs our signature decoupled drive technology with our new innovative locking system that can secure standard, bifacial and XXL modules in position against extreme winds. At 30% fewer parts than the average system, L:TEC® simplifies the installation process, expands project lifespan, and delivers maintenance costs savings. The Horizon L:TEC® is now available in both a one-in-portrait and a two-in-portrait option.

The definition of 2P tracking

safeTrack H4™

IDEEMATEC‘s innovative high-span safeTrack H4 tracker™ was the first two-in-portrait (2P) tracker to the market. Powered by its core patented drive technology, IDEEMATEC’s original solar tracker offers a superior safety and uptime level. The central component of the safeTrack H4 tracker is the low-set load-decoupled drive unit. A low center of gravity gives the structure exceptional stability. The wire rope pulleys transfer 95% of the impacting forces past the drive unit and directly into the foundations. This results in a drastic reduction of number of foundations and drive units required. Wear and material fatigue are kept to a minimum.

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Ensure system efficiency and reliability with smart tracking technology
A sophisticated control system


AURORA is a solar tracking software for PV systems. It accommodates 126 trackers per system and computes the position of the sun, with the help of configuration data and the virtual height correction. Wind, weather data are taken into account in order to ensure safe operation of the tracker. Using this information, AURORA sends commands related to positioning via the bus system to ensure optimal tracker operation.

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