Key product advantages

The Horizon L:TEC® offers the market’s most advanced zero loss bifacial, two-in-portrait tracker solution. Horizon L:TEC® pairs our signature decoupled drive technology with our new innovative locking system that can secure standard, bifacial and XXL modules in position against extreme winds. At 30% fewer parts than the average system, L:TEC® simplifies the installation process, expands project lifespan, and delivers maintenance costs savings. The Horizon L:TEC® is now available in both a one-in-portrait and a two-in-portrait option.

Built to last

Patented locking and decoupled drive technology

The core component of the Horizon L:TEC® is the patented locking technology, offering maximum stability for utility-scale solar installations. The tracker is designed to secure XXL modules, and all other module sizes, so that they can withstand the extreme winds. By pairing the locking mechanism with our signature decoupled drive technology, the weight of the system on the drive unit places weight directly into the foundations. With our technology, only 1.4% of the load from the table is on the drive tube during tracking, the rest is diverted to the post. This is why we can build the longest trackers on the market. Once locked, there is no force on the drive tube. This results in a stronger system that is built to last for the long term.

Make the most of any site

Established for challenging conditions

IDEEMATEC's tracking systems have been designed to make navigating difficult terrain that bit easier. Each table can be installed at an angle of up to 20 degrees from the previous table, eliminating the need for complex grading works. All tables on the tracker can be titled, allowing maximum design flexibility, unlike any other tracker on the market. This means that the maximum surface area can be utilised.
Over 50 patents, to make your life easier

More technology, more advantages

  • Bifacial ready: No rear shading
  • Module size flexbility: Our tables are variable in length to adapt to your module size and string length
  • Zero-degree stow: reduced load on modules and no gallopping.
  • Agri PV ready: Height can be varied depending on the type of agriculture and rotation can be altered to allow space for machinery.
A sophisticated control system


AURORA is a solar tracking software for PV systems. It computes the position of the sun, with the help of configuration data and the virtual height correction. Wind and weather data are taken into account to ensure safe operation of the tracker. Using this information, AURORA sends commands related to positioning to ensure optimal tracker operation.

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