Year: 2022
Capacity: 3 MW
Project type: Agri-PV
Tracker: L:TEC Agri_PV Version 2P


In November 2022 opened the Agri-PV pilot project "EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck an der Leitha" in Austria.
This site makes it possible to generate solar power and agricultural use on one field at the same time. So no agricultural land is displaced for generation of solar power.
The IDEEMATEC L:TEC® Agri-Tracker offers the optimal solution for the requirements of the existing area and the desired agricultural use - including an Agri-PV-specific control app.

The L:TEC Agri version is DIN SPEC 91434 certified and offers maximum terrain adaptation like no other tracker on the market. With e.g. an angle of inclination of up to 70°, the system is ideally suited in practice for agricultural management with a wide variety of agricultural machinery.
Together with our partner EWS Consulting GmbH, we look forward to providing insights into its operations to further promote the dual use of land for a sustainable approach to agriculture.