Year: 2022
Capacity: 260 MW
Project type: Utility Scale Solar
Tracker: Horizon L:TEC 1P


Situated near Lichtenburg, South Africa. This project marks a significant milestone in the Ideematec's commitment to driving the adoption of renewable energy solutions in the region. Upon completion, the Tronox solar park as part of the larger Merak solar cluster, will boast an impressive 388 megawatts peak (MWp) of Ideematec's flagship L:TEC® 1P tracker technology, with the first two projects already well underway and comprising 260MW. 

At the heart of this cutting-edge technology is Ideematec's patented locking and decoupled drive system, enabling the integration of XXL modules and extended string lengths without compromising tracker stability. Moreover, the flat stow feature ensures optimal module protection while significantly reducing the lifetime stress on the trackers and modules, thereby enhancing the overall system's durability and performance while reducing operating costs. 

This accomplishment is further complemented by Ideematec's strong partnership with a local industrial collaborator, facilitating the expansion of the company's local capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. By leveraging regional expertise and resources, Ideematec aims to further strengthen its commitment to sustainable development and accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions in this promising and vital part of the world.