Year: 2023
Capacity: 640 MW
Project type: Large Scale
Tracker: Horizon L:TEC 1P


The new 640MW Parliament Solar Park project, located near Houston, Texas, represents a monumental stride in sustainable energy solutions for North America. Spearheaded by Ideematec, a leading innovator in the renewable energy sector, this ambitious project has garnered attention for its groundbreaking use of the Horizon L:TEC 1P tracker technology.

Spanning vast acres of Texan land, the Parliament Solar Park is currently under construction and poised to become the largest solar park in North America. With the deployment of Ideematec's game-changing Horizon L:TEC 1P tracker technology, the project aims to revolutionize solar energy generation by enhancing efficiency and maximizing energy output.

This innovative 1P tracker system offers a novel approach to solar panel positioning, efficiently adapting to the sun's trajectory throughout the day. The result is an impressive optimization of solar energy collection, significantly increasing the park's overall capacity and contributing to the region's clean energy transition.

By leveraging the abundant Texan sunshine, the Parliament Solar Park is expected to provide an astounding 640MW of clean, renewable energy, offsetting a substantial carbon footprint and reducing dependency on conventional fossil fuel sources. This sustainable venture marks a significant milestone in North America's commitment to combatting climate change and embracing a greener, more eco-conscious future.