Patented technology, reliable solutions

IDEEMATEC trackers are at the heart of all of our solutions. Whether you have an Agri PV project or a utility scale solar farm, our flexible design means that we can help you realise this project. With over 50 patents, IDEEMATEC is a market leader in tracker innovation and we are constantly working to ensure that are providing optimal solutions to support with the reliability and longevity of your system, therefore maximising profit in the long-run.
World-class engineering at the core of all solutions
Patented innovation

Decoupled Drive Technology 

IDEEMATEC's patented decoupled drive technology was developed to reduce the load on the drive tube during operation. There is a significant reduction compared to other tracking systems on the market, and there is no force on the drive tube once locked. This also means that there is no force on the motor. This leading edge technology means IDEEMATEC offers the best lifetime value.
Peace of mind for all parties

Utility Scale Solar

Utility scale solar farms are a major undertaking. There are multiple parties involved, each with an invested interest. IDEEMATEC trackers ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders. With support from the initial planning stages through to the final commissioning, and beyond. EPC's benefit from simple installation, O&M teams appreciate the low failure rates and investors realise a high return on their investment.
Sustainable agriulture and clean energy

Agricultural photovoltaic solutions

IDEEMATEC is setting the standard when it comes to Agri PV. We've taking our leading Horizon L:TEC tracker, and adapted it to suit agricultural appliations. IDEEMATEC tecnology is ideally suited to uneven terrain, so is ideal for solutions where and cannot be graded. The two main changes are height and rotation, allowing for tracker height to be increased to a maximum of 3.5 meters depending on the type of agriculture. Rotation can be increased to 70 degrees to allow extra space for machinery to pass through.

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