Sustainable agriCulture and clean energy

The IDEEMATEC Horizon L:TEC product forms the basis of the IDEEMATEC Agri PV solution, with adjustments made to cater for the requirements of the land and for the type of agriculture. Our two-in-portrait system is proven in the field, and is the ideal starting point for an Agri PV project.
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What is Agri PV?

Agricultural Photovoltaics (Agri PV) is the combined use of an area of land. It's primary function is agricultural production, and it serves a secondary use for electricity production, using a photovoltaic system. 

The dual use of the land leads not only to a more efficient use of the land for both ecological and economical purposes, it can also lead to positive synergy effects between the agricultural production and the Agri PV system. 

Agri PV advantages at a glance

Shared land, shared benefits

  • Additional revenues for agriculture
  • Crisis-proof in the event of climate-related crop losses
  • Regional and simultaneous production of electricity and food
  • Higher social acceptance due to the slightest loss of space
  • No competition for land from food production (agricultural use: 80%, flowering strips: 18%, plant components: 2%)
  • Moist soils due to partial shading and wind protection
Requirements for primary agricultural use

DIN SPEC 91434 

DIN SPEC 91434 outlines the requirements for the main agricultural use in the field of Agricultural Photovoltaics (Agri PV). In doing so, it sets requirements for the planning, operation, documentation and operational monitoring, as well as measurement indicators for the test procedure for the quality assurance of Agri PV systems. Obligations include items such as light intensity and light distribution below the Agri-

PV system, which are also adapted to the needs of the respective crop. IDEEMATEC's Agri PV solution sets the standard for these prerequisites and fully aligns with all necessary specifications. We can guide you in this process, contact us to discuss your project further.

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