The Decoupled Drive technology is IDEEMATEC’s core patent. It has proven effective in over 10 years of operation. Our mission: Building the lightest and most sustainable trackers in the world by utilizing our reliable Decoupled Drive and a zero stow strategy.

Horizon L:TEC® is IDEEMATEC’s newest product innovation. It combines all the benefits of solar tracking with the structural stability of a fixed-tilt system. Our technology is available in 1P and 2P variations.
Reducing the risk of damage


Dynamic wind loads are the leading cause of weather damage in solar tracking systems. IDEEMATEC’s signature Decoupled Drive technology eliminates this hazard. The locked drive ensures that torsional galloping does not occur in high-wind situations, and the system remains secure. The zero degree stow position of the tracker minimizes wind related impacts, enhances the resilience of the tracking system, and offers the best module protection available. Lifetime stress on the tracker and modules is significantly decreased. 

Removing the risk of galloping


Galloping of a tracker is a complicated event, which becomes more difficult to handle as the distance to the main beam fixing point or cord-length increase. For conventional tracking systems, the easiest way to harmonize this issue is to shorten the table spans. Our patented Decoupled Drive design allows for additional fixing points through the inclusion of extra sprockets or ropes, depending on which IDEEMATEC tracker technology is selected. Without a Decoupled Drive design, additional motors would be the only fixing point available to add. IDEEMATEC trackers avoid this unnecessary addition, which leads to financial savings around drive components and earth works for wiring.

Longevity and higher returns


With the tracking system secured in a locked position, all dynamic loads are transferred into the foundation posts. This smart drive transmission eliminates all regular stresses on the gearbox. In other tracking systems, modules are mounted directly onto the drive tube, which means that these systems are constantly bearing the stress of movement. IDEEMATEC removes this concern, securing a longer-term return on investment due to improved uptime and reduced maintenance cost. Up to four times fewer motors are required when compared to competing tracking products.

Decoupled Drive benefits at a glance


This industry-leading technology offers reduced installation and O&M costs, which translates into a better long-term return on your project. There is more design flexibility as any module size can be accommodated securely and the drive can be connected at up to nine different positions along the tracker. IDEEMATEC offers the longest and most powerful tracker on the market. Our products guarantee THE leading tracking accuracy over a 195m (2P) and 260m (1P) span, even across the most complex territory. IDEEMATEC tracking systems offer the benefit of a reduced number of motors, regardless of the terrain and regardless of table size, module size, or string lengths.

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