IDEEMATEC products are built to last, designed in Germany and precisely engineered using high-quality materials. We know that things don't always run to plan, even under ideal circumstances, so we'll be here to support you when you want us. Our team will help you to resolve any issues you may be experiencing, giving you access to information, spare parts, and other helpful support.
Backing up quality with A PROMISE

Benchmark 15-Year Warranty

The IDEEMATEC Horizon L:TEC® comes with a 15-year warranty for structural and mechanical components as standard. The IDEEMATEC track-record for structural stability is founded on German engineering skills and products that are built to last. We back up our claims with the longest warranty offered in the market. Our products withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, and we back this up with support services to match.

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Low Operating Expenses with Fewer Parts

Minimized Maintenance Requirements

  • Up to 75% fewer components per MWp.
  • Only 1 gearbox / drive unit per tracker, that can hold up to 360 solar modules.
  • Decoupled drive: forces on gearbox are reduced by98.6% when in motion.
  • Self-locking technology: the tracker is locked in place when not in motion, eliminating any force on the drive unit.
  • The significantly reduced stress on gearboxes and other moving components improves durability
  • Very low O&M costs: normal maintenance will take an average of ca. 45 minutes per MWp per year, depending on configuration of system deployed. This includes an average of 1-2 minutes prescribed preventative maintenance per tracker per year, plus customary safety checks of tracker structure, fittings, etc.
Support that goes above and beyond

Value Added Services

Your success is our success, and we're here for the long-run. IDEEMATEC remains at your disposal throughout the entire project lifetime, including subsequent owners and O&M companies. We're here every step of the way, offering technical support, training, and value-added services to make your life easier, whether you're an EPC, O&M company, or an investor. 

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