Seamless Services for Enhanced Value

We put careful planning at the core of all of our activities, and partner with you every step of the way. Regardless of the project location, we will be on hand from the very early planning stages, during delivery and implementation, and right through the lifetime of your PV plant.
Planning for success

Engineering is in our DNA

We firmly believe that effective planning is the best way to guarantee project success. We coordinate closely with our customers from the very beginning to develop a comprehensive concept that offers the most optimized solution for your project. Our designs consider all of the complexities of your site including ground conditions, terrain, wind loads and other climate-related influences.

Ideematec offers:

  • Site surveys
  • Soil investigations
  • Foundation analysis
  • Test ramming
  • Pull-out tests
  • Preliminary drawings
  • Detailed drawings
Engineering support from day one

Your success is our success

All of this initial work provides us with the relevant data to develop a comprehensive concept that offers the most optimized solution for your project. From up-front planning until execution, we use innovative in-house software that ensures a project specific system configuration which considers the site environment and components being used and suggests the most optimized layout.

We develop site specific backtracking inhouse to ensure that we have the most advanced solution available. This superior backtracking enhances system performance, regardless of the challenges presented by uneven terrain. This significantly reduces the impact of shading on energy production where required. 

  • Data processing of the site 
  • Member design  
  • Preliminary layout
  • Specific tracker design
  • 3D-based planning 
  • Performance optimisation 
  • System integration (Hardware / Software) 
  • Execution Plan
Ensuring Quality Production

Ideematec products are built to last

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of tracking products for the world’s solar park installations, we have access to a global supply network to ensure availability and timeliness of production for your large-scale solar project. 

  • All of our components are detailed in a thorough production plan to minimize potential component issues at installation phase.
  • We follow strict quality-control processes and conduct regular audits to maintain high quality standards.
  • Independent verification and testing ensure that all of our components meet and exceed rigorous quality standards.
  • That is why our products can withstand even the harshest of conditions, ensuring a long project lifespan.

In line with the ISO 9001 quality management system, we carefully select our suppliers and produce to DIN ISO 9001 production standards. 

Reliable logistics

Seamless delivery to site

Designed in Germany and precisely engineered using high-quality materials, we choose the production facility closest to your site where possible, to minimize transport requirements and maximize just in time production processes.  

We oversee the entire supply chain from production through to the delivery at the construction site. This allows us to work with our manufacturing and delivery partners to get a complete overview of the timescales involved. This level of insight helps us to ensure that all timings align.

Leveraging our global supply network, we can offer:

  • Customized logistics packages
  • Staged delivery
  • Project management
  • State-of-the-art unloading
  • Sorting and distribution of materials
  • Time-saving pre-assembly

Our systematic processes help to minimize transportation costs, while our comprehensive planning and project-specific configurations help to minimize material costs. 

Construction and Commissioning

Installation support and project management

Ideematec has a team of highly experienced installation experts, who can guide you through the entire construction and commissioning phase. We work with you to ascertain your construction requirements and we can offer:

  • Project management
  • On-site support
  • Remote support
  • Customized manuals
  • Foundation work
  • GPS-guided pile driving
  • Installation of the tracking system
  • Module installation and wiring
  • Comprehensive training and instruction of local workers
  • Supervision of local workers on-site

Our team maintains careful documentation and is qualified in both the mechanical and electrical aspects of installation. Commissioning can be conducted in person or remotely. Once the pilot testing and all final checks have been completed, the system is then handed over to the operator.

Post-sales support

Protecting your investment long-term. 

Ideematec can offer a range of different operations and maintenance options services to support the long-term lifespan of your project. We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering:

  • Advanced monitoring systems
  • Remote access options for O&M support
  • Monitoring, maintenance and repair
  • Robotic cleaning
  • Spare parts packages
  • Preventative maintenance

We are so confident that our products can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions that we back this up with our support services. In addition to the 15-year system warranty, Ideematec warranties the structure against perforation corrosion for a period of 25 years - based upon the project corrosion classification. 

Ready to explore further?

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