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Horizon L:TEC: The most advanced solar tracking platform

Our system is available in L:TEC 1P, L:TEC 2P, and L:TEC Agri PV variants and leverages cutting-edge German design with industry-leading manufacturing quality to give developers, EPCs, and O&M experts more flexibility and reliability across the entire project. Ideematec built these trackers to handle harsh environments, from challenging coastal locations to extremely hilly and mountainous terrain. We've tested our trackers beyond the standard envelope because we know the future demands an infrastructure that will last. Reduce upfront investment in tracker structure thanks to careful engineering, allowing for the lightest yet strongest trackers on the market.

Building award-winning trackers is only half the job

The second half of the large-scale solar equation for success is the remote and on-site services Ideematec offers. From viability studies to complete designs to on-time delivery of materials and on-the-ground technical support from day one of the project. With Ideematec, you're getting the industry's most advanced tracker and the expert team of passionate solar professionals by your side to make sure you succeed. 

Every step of our process is specifically designed to increase project planning and operational efficiency for our customers. Our diligent work to design and build the world's best trackers has paid off; now, it's time for you to cash in.

Intelligent control at your fingertips. Anywhere

AURORA is a powerful and intuitive software package developed in-house by Ideematec, giving you the ability to control your tracker system manually and automatically from anywhere in the world. Power and simplicity were key when developing the Aurora package. Using simple geographic data points,  the time of day, and elevation, AURORA is capable of independently controlling each tracker on the entire site to maximize output.

While constantly protecting your investment from damage with our unique flat-stow high wind safety strategy, you can be confident that AURORA has it handled for you.

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