The industry's lowest LCOE built-in

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional solutions to Developers and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) that address critical aspects such as design adaptability, carbon footprint reduction, and financial optimization. Our approach to tracker design and engineering ensures that project viability and sustainability are first and foremost.

We don't just build trackers, we build the partnerships that guarantee the best solution on the market.

For projects with ample interconnection or grid capacity, yet land is at a premium, we recommend our L:TEC 2P tracker system. This choice is informed by its superior ground coverage, making it a strategic asset in land-limited situations. The beauty of the L:TEC platform is its full modularity, providing the industry's highest degree of flexibility over the widest range of project requirements. Developers either selling the entire plant as a fully pre-developed project or retaining a portion of the assets, can rest assured that Ideematec will be one step ahead as long-term partners in the plant operation.

Increase efficiency, decrease costs

Our commitment to the highest engineering and quality standards is unwavering. Choosing L:TEC means entrusting your project to a team and technology that embodies the pinnacle of German engineering quality, efficiency and dedication.

We are deeply invested in sustainability, aligning our goals with those of financial institutions that increasingly act as lenders and stakeholders in renewable energy projects. Our promise is a tracker that delivers high quality, exceptional reliability, and a design life that exceeds expectations.

High technology, low cost, trusted market leadership.

Our clients are at the forefront of our operations, with the assurance that our customizable technology platform provide them with expansive opportunities and utility-scale solutions tailored to their specific needs. This customer-centric approach and highly competitive pricing underscores our commitment to enabling developers to achieve the most cost-effective outcomes with tracker stability comparable to fixed-tilt systems.

What makes Ideematec the right partner:

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What makes Ideematec the right partner:

  • The industry's strictest design and manufacturing standards
  • Record setting speed and accuracy during the design phase with vertically integrated in-house design software
  • Optimized global supply-chain scalable to meet demand in any region globally
  • Decoupled drive design and flat stow strategy reduce loads by 40%, reducing cost and extending tracker lifetime
  • Standardized components reduce production and delivery times

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