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A project is a partnership, and we're committed.

A project doesn't begin when our engineers start 3D designs; it begins when our survey engineers visit the project site with aerial drones to 3D map the terrain using Lidar technology. Our engineers consider critical environmental factors that will affect the system's longevity. We check soil composition to accurately calculate the thickness of foundation materials and protective steel coatings in the case of more aggressive soil compositions.

Atmospheric conditions are just as important as soil composition, but it affects different components in the system; tracker tables and drive train components are designed and manufactured to the specific durability required to meet our customer's design needs. Our holistic approach to project design and implementation is how we can guarantee an economical and long-lasting tracker.

Our commitment to your project's success means we are with you each step of the way.

Leveraging our uniquely nimble and highly scalable global supply chain means project deliveries happen on schedule, and our team is on-site to verify that the condition and quality of the materials delivered meet our industry-leading quality standards.

Your dedicated project manager will ensure the success of your project through hands-on installation training and best practice coaching for installation and O&M personnel. As the project progresses and rows of trackers are installed, the project manager will perform spot checks of the system to proactively identify any potential future issues before they become a problem that could affect the project timeline and cost.

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