Value Chain

With projects all around the globe, our commitment is to unite all industry stakeholders through design standardization and an unbreakable supply chain. Our approach is designed for adaptability, minimizing carbon footprint and structural stress — meaning less design time and structural materials without sacrificing strength.

Since releasing our first single-axis trackers, we have continuously invested in relationships with our global manufacturing and distribution network to ensure that our strict standards for design, engineering, material quality, and service are met on every project.

Our portfolio includes three distinct platform variants: L:TEC 1P, 2P, and Agri PV

We rigorously test each L:TEC variant to ensure system resilience and longevity under the harshest conditions, exceeding industry standards. This testing is a theoretical exercise and a practical demonstration of L:TEC's resilience and reliability. We work with independent engineers from all over the globe to put our technology to the test. High-turbulence wind tunnels, highly aggressive soil compositions, and extreme temperature swings are just the beginning of our technology validation. 

Our holistic approach in every step of technology and project design guarantees the highest levels of quality, standardized through over a decade of experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing. It's in our DNA.

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