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Automatic control for your peace of mind

AURORA is a robust and intuitive software package developed by Ideematec to control your tracker system manually and automatically. Utilizing simple data points such as longitude, latitude, and time of day, AURORA will position all trackers in the best orientation for optimal plant output utilizing backtracking algorithms to avoid PV panel shading. To ensure the safest possible operation of the system, wind and weather data are constantly monitored and will override all other operations to protect your investment.

AURORA automatically logs any errors and warnings, providing clear notifications to maintenance staff via a dedicated browser window while simultaneously recording the error log to the local workstation for safekeeping. If an escalation of the error is required, AURORA can send a notification email to any specified address to ensure the right people know the right information when they need it most.  Utilizing robust and reliable Modbus TCP/IP communications architecture, all monitoring, error notification, and control can be easily integrated into external new or existing SCADA systems.

Depending on the calculated position of the sun, AURORA sends set position commands to the tracker controller via the bus system. The tracker controllers are monitored by reading the status of the controller via the bus system. If necessary, a sensor box is monitored. Depending on the sensor box sensor values and the safe position inputs, the tracker controllers receive safe position commands from the AURORA software. A graphic display of the current position of the tracker and its range of motion enables the user to easily compare the correct alignment of the trackers on site.

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