Industry redefining decoupled drive

The decoupled L:TEC drive is the right solution for every project

Decoupling the drive motor from the main carrier relieves the drive train of mechanical loads and minimizes the required power, making L:TEC significantly more efficient than all conventional drives.

In the basic configuration, the decoupled drive uses one drive sprocket per string to create mechanical stability points for the main beams. The 1P and 2P variants can be variably configured with additional drive sprockets to achieve extreme stability. Our engineers carefully calculate the most robust design requirements. With Horizon L:TEC, careful design means fewer total components per string without compromising structural stability in extreme weather conditions. 

The drive sprocket design allows for a wide range of motion with up to 60 degrees of inclination. Having such a high inclination means your project will be making more power earlier and later in the day when paired with our intelligent backtracking algorithm.

Since the main carrier and modules are decoupled by the drive transmission, and we control multiple tables with the same motor, we can drive more trackers through our modular design.

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