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In the highly specialized field of 3D engineering for solar energy solutions, Ideematec's 3D Custom Design software suite represents the pinnacle of precision and reliability. The process begins with a deep-dive site survey, during which we ascertain the number of trackers required to meet each project's unique specifications. Our sales team, equipped with a comprehensive checklist, engages with clients during the initial stages to ensure all critical questions are addressed, laying the groundwork for a customized pre-project layout.

We plan every step for seamless execution

This data is integral to crafting the initial 3D design, delivered expeditiously—often within days. The collaborative effort spans multiple departments, each contributing expertise to formulate a robust proposal that aligns with the client's vision and technical requirements.

Understanding the client's needs is paramount. We clarify system longevity and performance expectations, underpinning our guarantee that the coated components will operate at full capacity for the system's entire lifespan. Detailed information about soil conditions and environmental factors is solicited from clients, and decisions regarding the system's specifications are made with precision. 

To ensure thoroughness, we engage ecological specialists from the outset to compile a comprehensive dataset, ensuring that every Ideematec L:TEC solar tracker is not only engineered to perfection but also harmonizes with its intended setting. This mindful approach underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in solar tracker technology from day one of every project.

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