Expert and efficient commissioning support

Efficient commissioning is the final and crucial step in a project's development.

Our commissioning process takes place in two stages: cold commissioning and hot commissioning. Cold commissioning focuses on physically inspecting trackers from foundations to modules, while hot commissioning tests actual power generation and day-to-day control processes.

Wherever the project location, our commissioning team is on hand when you need them.

Tracker by tracker, each mechanical component is inspected, checking for correct alignment and fitment of the drivetrain, tracker table bearings, and drive sprocket locking teeth. Once our team is satisfied that the mechanical condition meets our high standards, we begin the hot commissioning process. During hot commissioning, our on-site team verifies tracker system operation, including testing tracker position verification, weather station testing, severe weather flat stow testing, backtracking algorithm testing and adjustments, and system-wide internal communications testing and verification.

We deliver fast, accurate, and efficient commissioning on every project.

We spare no effort to verify that your project is operating as expected. We use the full breadth of our expert commissioning agent's experience and leverage the most advanced testing and verification methods to ensure the commissioning process is as efficient as possible. From using aerial drones to verify the proper backtracking operations to daily wind trends are aggregated, and adjustments to the system control strategy are made to account for variables such as nearby bodies of water and the dynamic atmospheric changes experienced.

Commissioning with IDEEMATEC

Did you know?
  • IDEEMATEC commissioning agents operate on 6 continents globally
  • Horizon L:TEC technology facilitates the most efficient commissioning process in the industry
  • IDEEMATEC closely monitors projects after commissioning as part of our after sales service
  • Commissioning performed by IDEEMATEC greatly reduces troubleshooting costs prior to start-up

Commissioning is the most important and final step in completing a project, and it requires engaging teamwork to make it happen.

You can expect without a shadow of a doubt that IDEEMATEC will be there when you need us to get your project producing power on time and within budget. We're fully committed to a bright, green future, and working together is the only way to get there.

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