L:TEC Agri PV: The future is clean and green

Get twice as much productivity from the same land

Our innovative Agri PV solution is taking the solar tracker industry to new heights.
Based on our globally successful L:TEC tracker, the Agri PV solution is designed around our patented locked drive technology while benefitting from increased array height to cater to the agricultural needs of the land. Agri PV is designed to meet and exceed the standards established by DIN SPEC 91434, which requires specialized planning, operation, documentation, and operational monitoring, as well as considering light intensity and light distribution below the Agri PV system. The Agri PV system demand is growing exponentially; let's talk about your next project.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of both the energy and agricultural sectors

Agri PV draws its core components from the wildly successful L:TEC 2P tracker platform. Being a fully modular system, Agri PV can adapt to any custom requirements from the land manager, including a standard array height of 2.8 m and row distance of 11 m or to your request. Agri PV is capable of up to 60° tracking range and 70° harvest mode, ensuring that the tracker and modules never interfere with the entire agricultural process from planting to harvesting. With multiple proven real-world installations, Agri PV is the only choice for actual dual-use land for solar applications.

The beating heart of L:TEC technology is the locking drive sprocket and decoupled drive transmission.

When locked in position, loads are transferred from the tracker and sensitive modules into the tracker foundation, ensuring reliable and repeatable positioning. By keeping the drivetrain and supported modules decoupled, mechanical loads on the entire tracker structure are greatly reduced. We put our money where our mouth is; exhaustive testing and real-world installations have proven that the L:TEC platform is the industry's most efficient and advanced tracker.

We know that big investment goes hand in hand with big responsibility, so we developed our unique stowing strategy to protect your investment from high wind events. We've exhaustively tested our trackers in wind tunnels and real-world applications; these tests have proven that our trackers and stow strategy combined reduce system stresses by up to 50%, even in winds up to 205 kph. Flat stow is the key to protection during high winds and maximum power generation simultaneously.

Did you know?

L:TEC Agri PV Facts

  • Suitable for all module types: 72 cell, 78 cell, bifacial
  • Optimized BOS (Balance of System)
  • Up to 360 modules per tracker
  • 1 drive motor per tracker
  • Trackers are scalable up to 8 individual strings per tracker
  • 5 motors and 5 controllers per MW of power generation
  • Up to 60° tracking range
  • Unique 70° harvest mode
  • 2.8 meter array height
  • Slope tolerance of 36% North-South, 36% East-West

We ensure that every project produces its peak power through our intelligent software suite

During the planning phase, our in-house developed, vertically integrated project planning software automates critical design processes, significantly reducing the time required to produce a fully designed project. Specifically designed for Agri PV, our Aurora software allows for agricultural-specific operating modes to ensure an efficient and unencumbered harvest, mowing, and fertilization. Aurora takes data from weather sensors, site location, site altitude, and tracker position sensors to automate the positioning of the trackers safely and efficiently. You'll never question what your system is doing; Aurora will keep you updated with automatic alerts and warnings.

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