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The most powerful tracking technology

German engineering and efficiency in design have created the industry's most advanced 1P and 2P trackers. Ideematec Horizon L:TEC trackers are easy to install, durable, and reliable. Make more power in more places, scalable to any project of any size.

Our tracking solutions

Horizon L:TEC® 1P

The industry benchmark in decoupled solar tracking. Horizon L:TEC® is the world's most advanced one-in-portrait tracker! Ideally suited for large utility-scale applications.

Horizon L:TEC® 1P

Horizon L:TEC® 2P

The Horizon L:TEC 2P is the two-in-portrait sibling of the highly successful L:TEC 1P. Ideematec offers the market’s most advanced zero loss bifacial, two-in-portrait tracker solution made for Utility-scale solar projects especially in high wind environments.

Horizon L:TEC® 2P

Achievements since our debut in 2011

Ideematec has industry experience in 30 countries across six continents. Experiencing continued rapid expansion, we have shipped over 5.5 GW of trackers worldwide and opened new opportunities for our partners and the industry at large.

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