The Horizon L:TEC platform is designed for easy installation and project scalability while being the most advanced tracker on the market. L:TEC trackers are field-proven around the globe across more challenging terrain and severe environmental conditions than previously possible, empowering EPCs to realize more ambitious projects in more places with confidence.

What makes L:TEC the first choice for EPCs:

Industry leading design, easy installation

Top-tier German engineering ensures that our partners receive a turnkey project solution that provides EPCs a competitive edge through industry-leading design efficiency and a fully scalable global supply chain. Standardizing L:TEC components streamlines tracker assembly and simplifies the integration of optional components, reducing complexity during construction. Ideematec’s forward-thinking R&D focuses on creating versatile trackers with optional upgrades and the flexibility to accept any module on the market.

Integrated design software suite

Optimization is the key to a profitable project, so we built our integrated software suite to automate as much design workflow as possible. This industry-leading efficiency allows our engineers to return complete designs in record time, affording EPCs flexibility in the design phase to adjust project requirements or even add modular auxiliary components to augment platform functionality. 

Rapidly scalable global supply chain

The modular design of the L:TEC platform allows for greater degrees of flexibility for EPCs on any site. Component standardization is vital in reducing the total number of components required, reducing logistics needs, and simplifying planning. Projects require the flexibility to be nimble when project requirements change. With multiple rigorously vetted producers and suppliers in each vital region in which Ideamatec operates, no other supplier can scale up production as quickly and accurately as Ideematec’s Horizon L:TEC. Our industry-leading production quality standards get you what you need when you need it. No surprises.

Expert commissioning support

Our team is on demand when and where needed to commission new projects efficiently and produce power as soon as possible. Our two-phase commissioning process and the simplicity of L:TEC mean the shortest commissioning times in the industry. Our commitment to each project keeps going with our remote commissioning after project completion to study data trends and finely adjust the powerful control algorithms, ensuring peak efficiency throughout the plant’s life.

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See what makes L:TEC the most advanced tracker in the world:

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