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Education to make a difference.

Ideematec has tailored training offerings to give the next generation of green power professionals the proper knowledge, empowering them to be leaders in efficiency.

Remote training options for knowledge on demand.

ID Training Institute webinars are available on-demand to ensure our global customers get the instruction they need to become L:TEC experts. Our remote instruction is structured to offer a full range of hosted webinars, from pre-assembly best practices to AURORA control operations. At your request, we will work with you to develop a tailor-made training plan to fit your needs best.

Education in any time zone.

We are excited to announce the inauguration of our Australia-based training facility. In cooperation with HCB Solar and the Renewable Education Centre located in Williamstown, NSW, Ideematec now provides comprehensive training programs to meet the growing needs of the Australian solar market. The training curriculum is standardized throughout Ideematec, much like our tracker components, to boost efficiency to the maximum. Working with the Renewable Education Centre, our commitment to you and the solar industry at large is to empower the next generation of effective and qualified PV professionals to keep up the momentum as we push toward a green, clean future.


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Our comprehensive on-site training includes:

  • Tracker component overview
  • Pre-assembly component hands-on training
  • Tracker from the ground-up hands-on assembly training
  • Inbound logistics and materials storage best practices training
  • Tracker commissioning training
  • AURORA control software operations
  • Recommended preventative maintenance procedures and component troubleshooting

The next level of efficiency education

Soon to be complete, our new training center located at our headquarters in Germany will provide EPCs and O&M operators with even more in-depth education. These customized training programs are a deep dive into the theory of L:TEC design and operations, finishing with the hands-on build of an L:TEC tracker and simulated maintenance and failure scenarios. Thousands of legacy Ideematec trackers are installed around the world. Our training academy commitment is always to have expert instruction for any generation of Ideematec products installed.

We're in this for the long run.

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