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Ideematec is committed to supporting our O&M partners and ensuring that our solar tracking solutions meet and exceed industry quality standards. L:TEC trackers are the most advanced trackers on the market but are unique in their ease of maintenance, and German-engineered structure promises up to 30-year project lifetimes. Come high wind or high water, the L:TEC design has been field-proven globally to have lower downtime and operational costs of other designs.

Here's how we make our O&M partners successful in the long run:

Built for ease of maintenance & longevity

As part of our on-demand service, we prescribe regular inspections and specific training that streamlines maintenance processes. This approach not only shortens maintenance time but also boosts plant efficiency. Our performance monitoring systems are designed to be intelligent and intuitive, issuing proactive alerts for potential issues and facilitating streamlined troubleshooting to reduce downtime.

Spare components available worldwide

We take pride in our spare component management, ensuring replacement components are readily available when you need them. We have grown an incredibly robust global supply chain with carefully selected production facilities and local market experts, which allows us to run the leanest and most accurate supply chain in the market. Due to globalized production and the availability of standardized components, you can be sure that Ideematec has you covered.

Comprehensive training programs

At Ideematec, we ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, offering top-priority training both on-site and through remotely hosted webinars with the goal of coaching staff on key system operation features and best practices for the most efficient operation possible, reducing downtime and overhead costs.

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