Horizon L:TEC 1P: The gold standard

Unmatched German Engineering

Built on our patented locked drive technology, our 1P tracker offers stability and confidence that no other tracker can match. IDEEMATEC's locked drive technology gets its stability from pairing our patented locking mechanism and our innovative decoupled drive technology. 

By leveraging these two technologies, we have created a solution that answers the two most important questions; how much will it cost and how long will it last? Our L:TEC 1P trackers use the least total materials in construction, fast and easy installation, wind tunnel tested durability all while maintaining the smallest carbon footprint possible.

L:TEC is based on two principles: a locking drive sprocket and a decoupled drive transmission.

By locking the tracker table in position, loads are transferred from sensitive modules to the tracker foundations, and tracker positioning is more reliably repeatable. Separating the drivetrain from the supported modules drastically reduces mechanical loads on the tracker structure. Through exhaustive testing and real-world installations, we've proven through a storied track record that the L:TEC 1P has the industry's lowest failure rate; this is accomplished by ensuring that the drive system moving the tracker experiences only 2.3% of the actual mechanical load.

Safely stowing trackers is the first line of defense against high wind events and is unique to IDEEMATEC trackers. Through exhaustive wind tunnel testing and real-world application, our trackers have proven that stowing trackers in a flat position reduces loads on the entire system by up to 50%, even in up to 75 meter-per-second winds for up to three seconds. Utilizing flat stow for high wind conditions ensures the maximum power generation until the wind event is past when normal operations resume.

With tracker strings up to 260 meters long end to end used with flexible cardan joints, terrain grade changes of up to 36% are any other day for L:TEC trackers. Each row is independently controlled and with IDEEMATECs perfected backtracking algorithm, each row will reliably generate peak power on up to a 36% grade with no shading. Make that hillside your next power generation opportunity.

Did you know?

L:TEC 1P Facts

  • Suitable for all module types: 72 cell, 78 cell, bifacial
  • Up to 260 modules per tracker
  • Only 1 drive motor per tracker 260m tracker row
  • Trackers are scalable up to 8 individual strings per tracker
  • 8 motors and 8 controllers per MW of power generation
  • Slope tolerance of 36% North-South, 36% East-West

Two innovative pieces of intelligent software

We ensure that a project produces its peak power through two innovative pieces of intelligent software. During project planning, our in-house developed, vertically integrated project planning software automates certain portions of the design process, significantly reducing the time required to design. Our groundbreaking software "Aurora" takes over daily automated operations throughout the project's lifetime. Aurora takes data from weather sensors, location, altitude, and tracker position sensors to automatically position the trackers in the safest and most efficient position. Never wonder what is happening with your project; Aurora will keep you informed with automatic proactive alerts and warnings. 

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