Who we are

We are pioneers. With over 82 patents, we constantly strive for excellence in everything we do. Our German-engineered trackers are the most innovative on the market, and our technology has proven itself worldwide.

Achievements since our debut in 2011

Ideematec has industry experience in 30 countries across six continents. Experiencing rapid expansion, the company has shipped over 5.5 GW of trackers worldwide and has seen a year-on-year market share increase of 62%.

Quality Engineering is in our DNA

Founded in Germany in 2003, Ideematec first entered the German market with an innovative rooftop mounting system. Fast forward eighteen years, and we’re the tracker supplier of choice for the world’s most advanced 1P and 2P solar tracker systems. Everything we do is rooted in sustainable and environmentally conscious design and decision-making. That’s why we’re committed to never stopping pushing the boundaries of technology to make renewable energy more efficient and accessible for a greener future.

Proven tracker innovation, customer-centric solutions, the best lifetime value - In all environments

We’re proud of our solid track record, with over 5.5 GW of trackers installed globally. Our leadership in design and engineering is evident, with 82 approved patents. Our commitment is to superior engineering quality, ensuring we deliver unparalleled lifetime value. Our partnership-centric approach means we’re with you every step of the way—from initial planning to commissioning and post-implementation support. We believe in mutual growth; your success drives ours.

Quality and efficiency you can trust

With over 5.5GW under our belt, 20 years in the game, and 82 patents to our name, Ideematec is the tip of the spear in the solar tracking market when it comes to bankability and reliability. Top-tier banks and financial players back our systems. They’ve been rigorously vetted through countless due diligence processes. We hold our systems to the strictest quality and safety standards, ensuring we’re certified by all the proper agencies. That’s our commitment to giving you total confidence.

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