Our leading technology is at the forefront of innovation, focused on efficiency and ease of use.

For the last 15 years, our mission has been to develop and design the most efficient trackers in the global market, and L:TEC is the realization of those efforts. Efficiency doesn't stop at our trackers; efficiency is hard-coded into our company identity and operations and shines through in each of our partnerships.

L:TEC is about fast installation, lowest installed costs, and a fully scalable solution.

Leading global developers and IPPs depend on Ideematec and our L:TEC tracker system for its flexibility in applying the technology where they need it. We've reduced the risks of permitting issues and environmental impacts by standardizing components and optimizing the design process. We earned the trust of some of the world's largest developers by sticking to our core values of efficiency, optimization, and environmental responsibility.

Our design performance focus gets projects started and completed faster.

EPCs benefit from the industry's fastest design phase turnaround; efficient design reduces overall structural steel, reduces or even eliminates ground works for grade and power, and lightning-fast installation due to standardized components. The world's leading EPCs choose Ideematec because they trust the accuracy and quality of our German engineering and our proven history of delivering the world's best trackers.

L:TEC keeps system lifetime costs low through German engineering and easy maintenance.

We designed L:TEC to stand the test of time. With plant lifetimes spanning decades, it's of the utmost importance that our trackers are durable. Stability and reliability are the names of the game for O&M experts, and L:TEC is the perfect example of both, with industry-leading aeroelastic performance and its incredibly tough decoupled drive. The best-maintained equipment has the best-trained staff; that's why we provide tailored training courses for plant managers to ensure they get the most out of their system.

Unmatched technology designed in Germany, forged in cooperation with the world's best engineers.

Ideematec built itself on the highest quality standard in design, engineering, structural material, and value-added service. We demand the same passion and exacting precision from each supplier and independent engineer (IE) we work with globally. The innovation and growth from fostering these vital partnerships drive the industry forward.

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