More reliable. More powerful. Industry redefining solar trackers.

Expert German design and engineering

For the last 15 years IDEEMATEC has been driving the industry forward with our groundbreaking solar trackers. The peak of global tracker design is our L:TEC locking technology solar trackers. Available in both Horizon L:TEC 1P and L:TEC 2P solutions, IDEEMATEC has the most efficient solution available for your next project.

L:TEC 1P: Tracking Success

Born from years of real-world testing and design iterations, the Horizon L:TEC 1P solar tracker quickly became the peak of efficiency and longevity in the industry. Based on our patented locked independent drive system, the L:TEC 1P is, by design, the most cost efficient and durable tracker currently available.

Designed around the core tenets of simplicity, efficiency, and longevity, our solar trackers offer the easiest decision to make when it comes to picking your next solar tracker solution. Our trackers can handle any challenge you throw at it; from extreme wind and weather to previously unsuitable hilly terrain.

L:TEC 2P: The same technology, double the power

We understand the challenges of building utility-scale solar plants, so we've designed the world's most adaptable solar tracker.  The L:TEC 2P solar tracker is the perfect solution for utility-scale projects around the globe. Selected for the worlds largest 2P solar plant, IDEEMATEC solar trackers have proven that innovative design and truly adaptable technology are the shining light in the solar power industry.

The smart answer

Working with EPCs and asset managers around the globe, IDEEMATEC has helped industry leaders solve complex challenges with simple and elegant solutions. This means more power is generated at the lowest LCOE possible. What are the ingredients for a truly successful project?

  • Vertically integrated design process
  • The lowest number of individual components required
  • Efficient assembly through intelligent design and training
  • Bifacial ready: L:TEC trackers support bifacial modules in both 1P or 2P variants
  • Extremely resilient design conquers high winds and extreme weather


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