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German ingenuity, inspiring innovation

At Ideematec, the core tenets of our design and engineering philosophy are adaptability, simplicity, durability, and responsibility, elevated by our world-renowned German engineering prowess. These qualities shine throughout the design elements of the L:TEC platform. We're committed to continuing to pioneer the most innovative and reliable trackers available, providing elegant and cost-effective solutions to the many complexities of solar plant construction.

L:TEC has you covered, in any weather.

Ideematec has cemented its reputation as the global leader in tracker resilience and stability against weather conditions that would overwhelm other trackers. L:TEC provides peace of mind and investment security to the largest solar plant owners and operators globally with three standardized and robust tracker solutions.

Unlock power potential in more places with L:TEC

Developers and EPCs face significant time and expense when planning a project. Our engineers built L:TEC with the industry's most comprehensive range of terrain flexibility. Ideematec has opened opportunities in previously unsuitable terrain with L:TECs independent row architecture, universal torque joints, adjustable foundations, and the longest tracker on the market.

L:TEC is designed to simplify installation through "plug and play" design features.

Utility-scale plants benefit from economies of scale; L:TEC is the only tracker that can effectively scale to any project size without increasing engineered complexity. Ideematec has done the leg work for you; we standardize components and reduce permitting risk. As a globally bankable brand, utility-scale projects using L:TEC trackers attract significant investment worldwide. It's time to scale up with L:TEC.

Module designs and efficiency change, always be prepared with the flexibility of L:TEC

As the solar industry evolves, module sizes will continue to change. Ideematec has invested heavily in future-proofing the L:TEC family of trackers by designing full modularity during selection and assembly. The full L:TEC line accepts any 72-cell, 78-cell, and bifacial modules, giving developers flexibility in meeting their project requirements.

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