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Leading the industry in design efficiency

In the ever-expanding world of 3D engineering for solar energy solutions, Ideematec is leading the way with its comprehensive, vertically integrated software stack, enhancing design and construction efficiency. At the heart of this innovative approach is their 3D Custom Design software suite, renowned for its unparalleled precision and reliability in project planning.

Intelligent software to tackle even the most unpredictable environments

Our bespoke software suite integrates seamlessly with our Optimum Shaper software, a custom-developed tool that revolutionizes project design by automating critical, labor-intensive processes. This automation enables engineers to swiftly produce detailed preliminary site diagrams, which is essential for assessing project viability and planning construction.

Automatic control for your peace of mind

Ideematec's AURORA software package stands out for its robustness and user-friendly interface. This software empowers users to manually or automatically control tracker systems. By leveraging primary geographical and temporal data, AURORA expertly positions solar trackers to maximize plant output, incorporating sophisticated backtracking algorithms to prevent photovoltaic panel shading.

AURORA prioritizes system safety by continuously monitoring wind and weather conditions, ensuring protective measures are in place to safeguard the investment under adverse conditions.

Powerful software for advanced trackers

Pro Build Supervisor is designed to provide the highest degree of granular control over each tracker on a project. Providing on-site and remote alerts for potential issues, communications between trackers and their supervisory controller, and unprecedented security in tracker protection during severe weather and winds.

Ideematec's bespoke software solutions collectively signify a significant leap in efficiency and safety in solar energy project design and management.

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