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Whether you have an Agri PV project or a utility-scale solar farm, the flexibility of L:TEC easily scales to any project of any size. Ideematec has been the market leader in tracker research and innovation for over a decade, and we continue to push the envelope. We’ve secured 82+ patents for our innovative products, all in the pursuit of providing the most advanced and long-lasting tracker the industry needs. We engineered L:TEC as the optimal solution for durability, reliability, and longevity, maximizing profit in the long term.

The decoupled L:TEC drive system is the right solution for any project thanks to the drive motor’s efficiency far surpassing all conventional variants. Customizable with additional drive sprockets for unbreakable stability, the L:TEC platform provides security and reduced stress on modules and trackers while maintaining the smallest carbon footprint.

Dynamic wind loads are the leading cause of weather damage in solar tracking systems. L:TEC provides 360° protection by stowing modules in the flat position, reducing wind loads and preventing hidden efficiency thieves like micro cracks. Torsional galloping is a complicated and potentially catastrophic event resulting in massive output losses compared to micro cracks. Our flat stow strategy ensures that your L:TEC solar tracker will stand rock solid even during extreme wind events.

L:TEC is built on the core principle of adaptability. No solar project site is a cookie cutter of the last; many variables and conditions must be accounted for. That’s what we have created L:TEC for. Our technology offers the flexibility of choice when designing your next project and allows you to customize and upgrade your trackers even late into a project’s life. We’re keeping you ready for the future, one tracker at a time.

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